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Envision Zimbabwe Initiatives

Issues of Gender and Women’s Rights cuts across all the work that Envision Zimbabwe has been implementing over the years. Women and the Girls child are the primary target and beneficiary of most of the work of the organisation. Gender equality and gender justice for women is cross cutting in all initiatives undertaken by the organisation. Envision Zimbabwe believes in empowering not only women to fight for their rights but also capacitating men and boys to fight for the rights of women.

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Water And Sanitation

Recognising the importance of access to water and sanitation for communities Envision Zimbabwe has been mobilizing communities to respond to the challenge of lack of adequate water and sanitation. More…

Cool Head Programme

The cool heads program is a youth focused and youth oriented initiative, which seeks to respond to the needs and challenges of Zimbabwean youth in economic, social and political spheres. More…

How To Dialogue

The main objective of this initiative is to develop a platform for engagement amongst different actors for the sole purpose of promoting dialogue within communities. More…

Some Of Our Stories Of Impact

Building Bridges

Building Bridges

One of our project sites in Hurungwe experiences conflicts throughout the year depending on the cycle or season. During the onset of the rainy season the area experiences conflicts to do with farming implements and land boundaries, during election time they experience... read more
Water and Sanitation

Water and Sanitation

An observer of the Clean up campaigns in Mbare, Chipo had this to say: “ I was in awe of these women who equipped with donated protective gear, gumboots, gloves, face masks, enthusiastically threw themselves into the  gutters that were knee high in human waste, sewage... read more

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